My name is Eris.  I live and work in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I want to make garments that become part of your identity.  That embellish your personality.  I love the intimacy of clothing.  We have favorite garments.  Things that give us confidence and comfort.  Things we relax into wearing.  This is the feeling Modique Couture wants to imbue. 

I not only make clothing, I make the fabric the clothing is made from.  My work is one of a kind original and duplicate designs are impossible to produce because of ADHD.  I use this to my advantage.  I am constantly moving forward from one design to the next, which is why all my garments are reversible. 

I have been hand-knitting and crocheting for 28 years, since I was 14.  I taught myself from America's Crochet Book, 1972, by Gertrude Taylor.  I have been an autodidact all of my life.  I taught myself to use knitting machines from their manuals.  I have been working with the machines since 2014.  I currently own 5 machines varying in age (1966-1988), gauge (4.5mm-9mm), and capabilities.  Two of my machines have punch-card and computerized capabilities, but I rarely use those features as I prefer to pattern manually.  However, I sometimes draw patterns and import them into my hacked Brother 940.  I service and repair my machines myself.  For seaming, I use an English linker, which is like a fancy sewing machine for knits.  It creates a strong, handsome, chain-stitch seam.  I love seams.  They are the skeleton of the garment.

I strive to use eco-friendly materials, and to always know where my fiber is sourced, spun, and dyed.

I enjoy traveling to shows with my 1966 Brother Profile 551 to give demonstrations.  I look forward to seeing you and showing you my craft!