Modique Couture is tired of traditional knitting.  It does its own thing.  If it loses interest, it changes direction.  Or starts over.  Modique Couture is attracted to complicated, broken, crooked, and chance.  It sees beauty in untraditional and perfection in imperfection.  It functions on compulsion.  Its fabric is full of emotion, untamed, free to express its mood without hesitation, without apology, mentally and physically woven into whatever form it and the fiber agree on.  

The winter line of Modique Couture knitwear features the Adam Black, Old Gregg, Batwing, and Szvetter in various fibers: cotton/cottina, hemp, alpaca, wool, silk, lyocell, mohair, and bamboo.  This season Modique Couture is sourcing our wool, alpaca, and hemp from Imperial Yarn, all of which is dyed by DebbieDuckYarns in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

All of Modique Couture’s buttons, fasteners, and embellishments are made by local artists, such as Woodcrafty, Rivet Jewelry, Xena Electra, and CopperTide.

MC is also creating Just Sleeves and Heartwarmers through the winter.

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